GAIT, inc. & Life Horse, inc.

Please scroll down to each rescue's section and enjoy the videos of the horses! We will keep adding videos as they are made each week during sessions. If you are interested in any of the horses available, please check out their websites. &

Life Horse, inc.

Below you will find videos we have put together for horses we have worked with at Life Horse, Inc.

If horses are available for adoption or have been adopted then they will be labeled as such. Enjoy!

Glitter - Life Horse, Inc. - available

Glitter had a bad habit of whipping around, backing toward you, and wrapping herself up being lunged to the left. 1st session was used to see what would happen and if corrected. 2nd session to help her realize she didn't need to do that and could go around quietly. We used the round pen so we could teach her how to turn in off line. She felt it was her idea knowing she could make the right decision. After a few minutes, she had the idea of what was being asked. This mare is smart, and athletic. 

Glitter - continued - life horse, inc. - available

We reinforced everything taught in the round pen to make sure it all sank in, put her to the test to see what happened...nothing! She did great, walk, trot, canter, and turn ins in both directions with NO episodes. Decided to saddle her up and added the bridle, did some flexing, backing, moving her feet, and giving to contact all from the ground. At the end of the session we decided to have a little "play" time free off the line. She loves working and exercising her mind.

Glitter - continued - life horse, inc. - available

The last time someone rode her, I was told she was an anxious wreck, so all sessions up until now have been used to help her BEFORE getting in the saddle. The worst thing she did was show that if she wasn't sure about something, she would turn to the outside and face the railing and have a "brain fart." She would mentally figure out what was being asked. We only did a little bit of trotting for the first ride so she knows not every ride will be fast, and all rides need to be calm and cool.

Argot - life horse, inc. - available

Argot is a good boy. He can have goofy moments, but it's all in good fun. He is fun to ride and has lots of energy and such a personality. Leads very well, stands to be tacked and mounted. Has a nice trot that is easy to sit to and loves to work. Very easy to catch in the field and to walk to and from the field.

Berry O - Life Horse, Inc. - Available

 Gorgeous mover! English all the way. Loves to jump. Has all the go you want her to have with a great whoa as well. Loving personality. Easy to catch and stands well for tacking and mounting.

Berry O - continued - life horse, inc. - available

Berry O looks amazing english, has a to die for trot, loves to jump and looks great doing it! She is so much fun to ride and is always ready for an adventure with you. She could be your next jumping prospect!

Moe - life horse, inc. - available

Standing just under 17 hands, this gentle giant is a huge puppy dog and an amazing ride. He is in your pocket and goes along with you like a true gentleman. Stands for everything, easy to catch, picks up feet, loves cookies, and is so much fun to ride. He has a big trot and soft mouth and responds well to seat and leg aids. Lunges well and has a ton of personality. He loves getting his face scratched all over too!

gait, inc.

 Below you will find videos we have put together for horses we have worked with at GAIT, Inc.

If horses are available for adoption or have been adopted then they will be labeled as such. Enjoy!

Jimmy - GAIT, inc. - adopted

Jimmy had a few things to hash out with him like leading and standing and not having issues when other horses were around. He has taken all the ground prep with ease and takes in new things well.

Jimmy - continued - gait, inc. - adopted

Jimmy is a joy to ride. He can be a little lazy, but that will come around. He loves a long rein and stops on a dime! Backing up is there, standing at the mounting block perfect, and stands and waits for you like a good boy! We have had some fun going over, through, around, and backing up through obstacles.

Taylor - gait, inc. - adopted

Taylor was fine about the lunge stick being smacked on the ground on either side. He stood still while I walked around him. We did some ground pole work as well and he seemed to like that. He responds to turning, stopping, backing up, some leg pressure to move over, even gave a head set. He didn't pay any mind to the indoor door being open or the barn aisle gate being open. He didn't even really seem to notice Jamie and my daughter, Morgan, painting jumps on the other side of the indoor.

Taylor - continued - gait, inc. - adopted

He has been ridden with horses and alone. Ridden in an open pasture, crossed over logs and through a creek and a ditch and had the other horse canter away from him. Sets his head, responds to leg, halts and backs up, turns on the forehand, stands to be groomed, tacked, and mounting block. He is very good for bridling and catching in the field and walks with you respectfully. 

Beauty - Gait, inc. - Available

Beauty had some confidence to build when it came to facing things on her own. We have also been working with her on slowing herself down. At first she thought when being asked to move away from us on the lunge line, it meant 0 to 60 in .5 seconds. Now she is walking around with no issues. She is walking over the bridge and over ground poles with confidence as well as being tied quietly. She is a pretty girl and is going to make a nice companion for someone.